Could Governor John Bel Edwards win outright without a runoff?

Survey showing Edwards with 47 percent of voters

WWL Newsroom
September 11, 2019 - 12:12 pm



A new independent poll suggests Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards could win re-election without a run-off. 

The survey of 500 chronic voters conducted last week has the Democratic incumbent Edwards at 47-percent, within striking distance of winning outright.  Republican challenger Ralph Abraham is at 24-percent.  Eddie Rispone at 16-percent of voters according to the poll. 

Pollster Bernie Pinsonat conducted the survey.  He says Edwards can win in the primary if he can keeps key demographics in his camp.   

"Edwards has to hold on to the white voters in this red state of Louisiana and that is a 'big if,'" Pinsonat said.  

Pinsonat says 30-percent of white voters are throwing their support for Edwards.  14 percent of white voters remain undecided.

A candidate with more than 50-percent of the vote would win the open primary.  If no one gets to that 50-percent, there would be a runoff between the top two candidates.



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