Louisiana officials condemn comments from Iowa Rep. Steve King

Says FEMA likes Iowans, Katrina victims just looking for handouts

March 23, 2019 - 9:24 am

(WWL.com) - Louisiana’s elected leaders have condemned the comments made by Iowa Congressman Steve King, who said FEMA officials told him Hurricane Katrina victims were just looking for handouts, while Iowans take care of each other. Governor Edwards called the comments disgusting and disheartening, while Jefferson Parish Congressman Steve Scalise said the remarks absurd and offensive. Baton Rouge Congressman Garret Graves agrees.

“There are so many people who go out and say these insensitive and unthoughtful things and it is just ridiculous.”

King made his comments while speaking at a town hall meeting as he discussed the contrast between the victims of the recent flooding in the Midwest and Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina killed over 18-hundred people in August of 2005. Graves says his advice to Representative King is not to compare disasters.

“A disaster to an individual is absolutely devastating and it is just a bad idea to come in and start trying to talk about people from south Louisiana or anywhere else. What you need to do is focus on your own people.”

King says he was one of the first Congressmen to visit New Orleans following Katrina. But Graves says he plans to remind King how devastating Katrina was to southeast Louisiana.

“You can sit there and say oh look neighbors can come in and help but the problem here is that our neighbors, and their neighbors, and their neighbors, and everyone was flooded.”

Graves also says the Cajun Navy is an excellent example of how Louisiana residents help each other and other states during disasters.

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