What happens when 390,000 people need rescuing in a flood?

Louisiana National Guard ready with high-water vehicles, boats, helicopters

Chris Miller
July 12, 2019 - 4:22 pm

After Tropical Storm Barry hits, the Louisiana National Guard wants to be ready for the worst in New Orleans. 

Following Wednesday's flooding rains, the Guard is positioning assets to help if New Orleans floods again:

"A lot of that is going to be high water vehicles, anticipating search-and-rescue needs," said Col. Kenneth Connelly, noting that a shelter-in-place order, rather than an evacuation, could potentially mean a lot of work for rescuers. The colonel says their assets include not just high-water trucks, but boats as well, and helicopters equipped with hoists and baskets, read to fly into action if needed.

"We do have a lot of boats moving in, and high water vehicles, as well as we got aviation assets that are stationed in Hammond, as well as having hoist capability," said Connelly. "When a storm hits, it'll be waiting to see the aftermath of who needs help, and we want to be able to make sure we can move in quickly to help our residents."

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