Police say man says he made cuts he learned while studying chicken mummification at LSU

November 28, 2018 - 11:12 am

The West Monroe Police Department have arrested a person of interest during the course of a suspicious death investigation. 31-year-old Shomari Clemons is facing charges of violating RS 8:654: "mutilating, disinterring human remains." Sgt. C.J. Beck says Clemons appears to have made cuts on the arm of his grandmother's dead body.

"When there is a death, only the coroner can touch the body until authorization is given otherwise.  If someone does something to someone who has died, whether how minimal or how extensive it may be, it falls under that statute," said Beck.

Beck says Clemons could not state how the deceased received the postmortem injuries.

"There was some cutting on the victim and it appeared to be postmortem cuts and it was consistent with the coroner's thoughts so far as well, but that has to be ultimately determined by a medical examiner," said Beck.

Beck says Clemons had a troubled past, saying Clemons stated he learned how to make cuts similar to the one on the body’s arm while at LSU studying to mummify chickens.

"There was some other bizarre statements he made about chickens and things like that," said Beck.

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