Louisiana legalizes alcohol delivery

You'll be able to order booze from restaurants and stores

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Want to get alcohol delivered to you? Well the governor has signed a pair of bills legalizing that in Louisiana.

One bill signed into law says that if you are ordering food from a restaurant, you will now be able to add sealed cans or bottles of alcohol that eatery sells to your order.  

Louisiana Restaurant Association President Stan Harris supported the legislation during the debate.

"We live in a on-demand world where people are talking about how quickly they can get something," he explained. "But we also have to remember that we have the responsibility to be good vendors."

Representative Thomas Carmody authored the bill.

He says the restaurants can only deliver "beer or wine or sparking wine."

There are a number of requirements placed on the person delivering the alcohol.

They must refuse delivery and return the beverages to the place of purchase if:

  1. The recipient does not have a valid form of identification.
  2. The recipient is intoxicated.
  3. The recipient refuses to sign for the receipt of the delivery.
  4. There is reason to doubt the authenticity of the form of identification.

Carmody says only direct employees, not contract workers can make the drop offs, which disqualifies several popular third party delivery services that use crowd sourced workers.

Another bill from Belle Chasse Representative Chris Leopold allows grocery and liquor stores to hire their own drivers to make deliveries.

This new law allows "delivery of high and low alcoholic beverages by a liquor retailer." 

Deliveries must also be from full time employees of the store and who verify age.

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