Allergies, or the flu? You could have both!

Allergy symptoms can increase your risk of flu

Chris Miller
March 15, 2019 - 8:41 am

We've already heard warnings of a secondary wave of the flu coming at us. Now we have word that it could combine with allergy season to really make people miserable. 

An app that tracks illness, Sickweather, has Louisiana in the top five of states most at risk for an overlap of H3N2 flu and allergy season, a veritable "superstorm" of sickness. And Dr. Michelle Korah-Sedgewick, LSU Health New Orleans allergy/immunologist, says a bout of allergies will make you more susceptible to the flu.

"Having all that inflammation and those uncontrolled allergies with increased mucus production and all that can put you more at risk for infection," said Dr. Korah-Sedgewick.

The doctor recommends keeping allergy meds on hand.

"If you know that your sensitive to trees or sensitive in the spring, being proactive and starting your nose sprays, your allergy oral medications now, and keeping down that inflammation, is probably going to help you somewhat," she said.

And as always, the doctor recommends a flu shot to protect against the virus.

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