Louisiana GOP Congress members defend President Trump

Taking heat and returning fire in face off with Democrats

Thomas Perumean
October 28, 2019 - 6:43 am

Lead by Jefferson Republican Whip Steve Scalise, Louisiana House Republicans are leading the way in defense of President Donald Trump from Democrat accusations as they conduct their impeachment investigation.  

Louisiana's two Republican Senators John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy have added their names to a resolution condemning the House impeachment inquiry.  

Taking to national talk shows Scalise and Kennedy have articulated the Republican push-back against the Democrats.  

According to the Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate Kennedy said he was "appalled and perplexed" by the impeachment inquiry, adding "their arrogance is breathtaking," referring to Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff.  

Also involved in taking on Democrats is freshman congressman Clay Higgins.  He sits on a committee that is holding hearings into impeaching the President.  

The only Democrat congressman from Louisiana is Cedric Richmond.  He has repeatedly voted in favor of impeaching the President since he took office in 2017.  

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