Louisiana gets second wave of flu

Different strain from one prevalent late last year

Chris Miller
February 17, 2020 - 10:56 am

Coronavirus may get all the attention right now, but health officials don't want people to forget about the flu!. Just as we are crowding together for parades, a new strain is hitting.

Louisiana had a pretty bad outbreak of influenza B late last year. Louisiana Department of Health immunization director Dr. Frank Welch says we're getting over that now, but we have a new one to worry about.

"The flu that kind of went around other places at the beginning of the year is now rearing its ugly head in Louisiana," he said. "We're now having a pretty serious flu year of flu A."

And with people gathering for parades and parties, he says folks need to make sure they do things like keep their hands clean and cover up when they sneeze or cough. 

"When people cough or sneeze," he said, "they typically cough or sneeze on their hand, and then they're eating food or shaking hands."

And as always, he and other doctors recommend the flu shot, which offers protection from both strains.

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