Louisiana Fire Marshal: suspects planted bombs at schools to rob banks

April 20, 2019 - 7:27 am

(WWL.com) - Three people have been arrested for allegedly planting fake bombs at Bienville Parish schools to distract authorities while they robbed nearby banks.
Fire Marshal spokesperson Ashley Rodrigue says the plan was to sow terror and confusion to draw local police to one area of the town, while they went to work in another…

“Creating a panic, and placing objects that appeared to be bombs at school campuses as an attempt to distract law enforcement from the actual crimes they were intending to commit.”

The three are facing charges of Fake Explosive Device, Criminal Conspiracy, and Criminal Trespassing. Rodrigue says more charges are likely on the way.

In one instance a school was put on lock-down and the Explosive Ordinance Disposal team was called in to sniff out the suspected bomb. Rodrigue says the bomb sniffing dogs combed the premises, but…

“Of course those animals are trained to find actual devices, so upon the first sweep no locations of any devices were found.”

Rodrigue says the three criminals were willing to terrorize children and their families just to make a few bucks, and some of the schools were shut down for days at a time as a result.

“They completely disregarded the comfort and safety of thousand of children, the school communities, and just regular everyday people in these areas.”

41-year-old Paul Nash of Jonesboro, 47-year-old Lacentrusa Mayweather, and 42-year-old Tabitha Gray of Ball have been booked into the Bienville Parish Prison.

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