Louisiana Children's Museum getting ready to open in new digs

Chris Miller
July 29, 2019 - 8:47 pm

The Louisiana Children's Museum has closed up in the Warehouse District, but will be back at the end of next month in City Park. The staff isn't taking the month off, either.

After 30 years in the warehouse district, The Louisiana Children's Museum is closing for about a month, before it reopens at its new campus in City Park. But don't think the staff is just taking a summer break:

"Oh my goodness, we are busy!" said museum CEO Julia Bland, "packing up and moving and testing everything and getting all of our new exhibits finalized."

Bland says they're training staff on the new setup, and says they're attempting to this all pretty quickly.

"Getting all of our new exhibits finalized and set up and training our staff and this is a quick turnaround to be closed for four weeks," she said.

When the new museum opens, Bland says the exhibits will be a mix of the new and old.

"We couldn't dare open a new Children's Museum without having a grocery store, or without having bubbles, and so we have the next generation of that," she said. "We've got a lot of experiences that we know people have loved over the years."

The Louisiana Children's Museum reopens in City Park August 31.

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