Louisiana #1 in adding new jobs says Louisiana Workforce Commission

April 22, 2018 - 7:58 am

(WWL.com) - Unemployment is down to 4.4% in Louisiana, capping a 3 month run of strong jobs numbers. According to the March employment figures, 46,000 people joined the workforce over the last 12 months and state Workforce Commission Executive Director Ava Dejoie says that puts us at number 1 in the nation for new jobs added.

"Over the year that ties our score first in decreasing the number of unemployed people in our state. We're tied with Alabama "

One of Louisiana's oil beds, Lafayette, is starting to recover jobs lost from last year's oil bust. Dejoie says rising prices at the pump are paying dividends for the area.

"With the price of oil in the sixty dollar a barrel range, of course, the makes that industry certainly more stable."

Healthcare and construction drove much of the job gains, but Dejoie says one high paying sector in particular is starting to show some explosive growth.

"I think of particular interest is the professional services sector, which is a lot of high-tech. We're seeing a series-high in employment with those particular careers."

Dejoie encourages anyone looking to take advantage of the rosier labor market to visit www.laworks.net for job listings and training opportunities.

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