Lottery lawyer advises against pooling money for a better chance at winning

October 19, 2018 - 8:42 am


The Mega Millions jackpot for tonight is almost a billion dollars, and that’s got coworkers and friends dreaming big about pooling money for a better crack at the prize. 

But Lottery Lawyer Jason Kirkland says before you put in for the office pool, you need to cover yourself legally by getting written consent, and documenting everything to prevent a potential nightmare if you do end up winning.

“People need to make photocopies of the tickets, and send it around to everyone else in the pool. That really protects the person buying them, and the rest of the pool.”

That being said, Kirkland highly recommends against joining with anyone else to up your odds in what could be a billion dollar transaction. He says your chances are still nearly nonexistent, but if you do win, you’ll be fighting everyone else for your slice of the pie.

“Once you get 20 or thirty people in a pool who are all winners, then ultimately they are all going to have to hire their own attorneys and getting 20 attorneys to agree on anything is almost impossible. I’ve dealt with these nightmares.”

But if you do win, either as part of a group or by yourself, celebrate, soak it in, and then immediately sign your ticket and absolutely do not tell anyone else you’ve won before bringing your winner to officials.

“The time between the drawings and the time you show yourself to the world is your last chance at normalcy, it’s your last chance to get your ducks in a row and gather your financial team.”

Tonight’s drawing is at 10 p.m.

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