Lots of hot topics being brought up in the regular session of the Louisiana Legislature

The regular session covenes at noon today

Jim Hanzo
April 08, 2019 - 9:20 am

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When the Louisiana Legislature convenes today, there are sure to be some issues that matter to people.  

Topics that are sure to get people talking include, the gas tax for roads and bridges, the abortion issue which would make it illegal as soon as there is a fetal heartbeat, legalized sports betting, legalization of marijuana, cell phone ban for handheld cell phones while driving, teacher pay raise, minimum wage and the soy milk debate.  

We talked to some in Kenner and they all have a hot topic that matters to them.  

"To me, teacher pay, raising the gas tax because we need to fix the roads and bridges," one man said.   

"I agree, the gas tax to fix the roads and bridges," a woman said.  "The infrastructure in the state is horrible," 

"Teacher pay, they should get their raise," this man noted.  "They teach our kids." 

Legalized Marijuana is another hot item.  
"I don't like potheads," said one man.  

But another man in Kenner disagreed.  

"Marijuana should be legalized, it's going to happen eventually," he said.  "And sports betting in Louisiana should definitely be legalized.  It will bring in a lot of revenue for the state." 

"I think abortion shouldn't be a thing at all," said this lady.  "You can't kill a Bald Eagle egg in America because it's our nation's bird, but you can kill a baby."  

"Soy milk, who cares about soy milk, it's ridiculous that it's even being brought up," another woman said.       

The regular session begins at noon.  

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