Tulane and Loyola warn students about sexual assaults

Recent attacks centered around popular local bar

Thomas Perumean
September 06, 2019 - 8:14 am

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Reports of sexual assaults have police agencies at Tulane and Loyola warning students about a number of sexual assaults.  

The university police departments say they all center around a popular off-campus lounge called The Boot Bar and Grill.  

As reported by WWL-TV, two reports of assaults have taken place over the past two weeks.  

Female victims reported they met a man who said he was a student at either Tulane or Loyola.  The most recent assault happened Thursday when one victim was reportedly approached by a man at The Boot.  She was taken to an unknown location and assaulted, then  woke up on train tracks near South Carrollton and Leake Avenues.  

A similar assault took place on August 24th according to Tulane University Police.  

The suspect is described as a white male of average height and weight, in his late teens or early twenties, with short light brown curly hair.  Victims say the man spoke with a Spanish accident and wore jeans.  

According to Loyola police, several students have claimed their drinks were drugged while at The Boot. 

In response, the Universities are urging students take steps to protect themselves and urge caution when visiting off-campus clubs.  

  • Go as a group or take a friend with you and don't leave his or her side. Watch out for each other and make sure that you both get back to your room. 
  • Do not accept beverages from someone you do not know or trust. Always watch your drink and never leave it unattended.
  • If you see anything suspicious or if anyone is harassing you, notify a bartender and call 911 right away.

Both agencies say neither The Boot or any of its employees are involved in any of these incident.  

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