Local merchants urge shoppers to take advantage of Small Business Saturday

November 24, 2018 - 9:18 am


Today is Small Business Saturday, a celebration of local business sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. State director of the National Federation of Independent Business, Dawn Starns, says if you spend local, that money tends to stay local.

“67% of every dollar spent in a small business stays in the community, and as a result, 91% of consumers believe it’s important to support small business in the holiday season.”
And Starns says 83% of shoppers plan to do at least some portion of their holiday shopping season at a small independently owned retailer or restaurant.  
It can be tough for a small establishment to keep up with the big box retail stores during the shopping season, but Starns says even local businesses have started doing sales today and Monday. That being said, your best, local deals will be found Saturday.

“They are definitely going to give those deals on Saturday and a lot of them still want to compete with online retailers, so you’ll see a lot of small businesses offering deals on their Instagram.”

You can find those deals under #shopsmall and #shoplocal

And while you’re out shopping, make sure you make a stop at a local restaurant to refuel for the rest of today and tomorrow’s mad dash for deals, because Starns says after the holidays restaurants tend to get hit hard by the rush of new dieters.

“You’re going to be out there shopping, you’re going to get hungry, and you definitely need to go out there and check out one of those local restaurants that are always giving back to the community.”

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