Local match-up site takes dating to the dogs

Don Ames
April 08, 2019 - 8:36 am

Dog lovers chasing after some human love now have a new place to dig. 

In fact, 'Dig' is the name of the new, local 'Dog Person's Dating App' for those with furry friends to find a potential mate. 

"We're based in Gretna, but we've got our paws nationwide now," says Leigh Isaacson, CEO and Co-founder of DIG. "We've launched in ten cities across the country, with five more coming up over the next few weeks." 

Isaacson and her sister Casey did some research prior to launching the business.

"55 percent of single adults in the U.S. are pet owners, with dogs leading the way. The dog industry, especially for young people, is just booming. And at the same time, dating apps are growing."

So, they started the app to pair pet lovers with possible mates looking for some puppy love.

She says young folks, millennials, want to use mixed dating apps, "where you can cut to the chase and find someone who you have something compatible with right away." 

The app seems to have found a niche. "We've got more than 35,000 people who have downloaded the app across the country, and it is just exponentially growing," says Isaacson.

And, she says if you find a match, it'll even help you arrange your first meeting.

"You can search for dog-friendly locations near you and suggest the first date idea right from the messaging area. And taking a pet along on a date has a way of bringing people together."

It's an equal opportunity match-making site, Isaacson says. "We do hope everyone is open to all different types of breeds...that's humans and dogs. Dog people often share similar qualities and lifestyles, like being trustworthy, compassionate, and outdoorsy." 

And, although the dating app has gone nationwide, the site's local roots are reflected in all of its advertising.

"Every dog that we use in our marketing features adoptable dogs from the Jefferson Parish SPCA and the NOLA Bulldog Rescue. So, across the country, everything that has DIG on it, if there's a dog, it's an adoptable dog from the Louisiana area 

Check it out for yourself.

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