Local couple puts their heart into a sweet new business

Don Ames
February 11, 2019 - 9:03 am

A New Orleans couple has come up with a sweetheart of an idea...just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Thanks to them, the city now has its own little candies printed with New Orleans-themed humor.

The company that made those little candy hearts with phrases like "Kiss Me,” and “Be Mine,” went out of business last year. That got Cherie Melancon Franz and her husband thinking.

"I was just off-handedly commenting to my husband, 'I can't believe nobody has made New Orleans ones', and he's like,  'You know what? You're right'. And, so then we started shooting slogans back and forth," says Cherie. One was the slightly risque 'I'll pinch your tail'.

Inspiration began.

"I said 'I got roux, babe'. And, then, he's like 'Po-boy meets girl'. And we kept going back and forth. And then I looked at him, and I was, like...'I think I'm going to order them," said Franz. 

"I talked to my friends that own retail establishments, to ask them to give me some pointers 'cause I knew absolutely nothing. And, I bought 10,000 of them." 

Friends and family helped package the candies, 20 to 22 'NOLA Talks Candy Hearts' to a bag for sale online at $5 per bag.

She placed an add on Facebook, and they sold out in one day. 


"And, then I bought another 25,000 of them." 

Thousands more followed, as the candy creations have proven popular with folks across the country.

"People who miss New Orleans and want a piece of home. Or, their daughters went away to college and they want to send it to their daughters so that they get a piece of home." 

Is she now in it for the long haul?

"Somebody was inquiring about Easter candies...so, I think so. I think I have, in one week, created a brand new business."

A business that is very 'N'awlins'.

"It's hard to take the yat out of a girl, right?" 

'NOLA Talks Candy Hearts' are now available at the following local retail outlets:

Bonne Fleur Gifts and Oddities (New Orleans, Algiers Pointe) 

Fleurty Girl (Metairie and online) 

Little Miss Muffin (Lakeview) 

Home Malone (New Orleans) 

Peony (New Orleans) 

Creative Framing (Gretna) 

Style Encore (Mandeville) 

Thinkerella (Harahan) 

Courtney’s (Destrehan) 

NOLA Gifts and Decor (Metairie) 

NOLA Boo (Metairie) 

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