Liquor ties wine as America's second favorite spirit, beer still number 1

Jim Hanzo
August 19, 2019 - 9:55 am

Age Barros-Getty


What is your favorite alcohol to drink?  Wine, beer or liquor.  Gallup's latest Consumption Habits survey reports that liquor has caught up with wine and is now in a virtual tie as adults 2nd favorite choice.  Beer still remains at number one.  

We checked in with some adult drinkers in New Orleans to find their choice.  This man said he prefers...
"I would drink beer, I love beer, but if I was drinking liquor, it would be Jack Daniel's or  Maker's Mark," he said. 

"Beer for me," said this woman.

"Tito's, water and lime, for sure," said this woman. 

"It depends on the situation, for instance if I'm at a concert, I'll have a cocktail as opposed to a beer," one man told us.   

"Vodka for me," said this woman.  "I drink vodka at social events." 

"Wine, preferably white wine," another woman told us. 

Twenty-nine percent of drinkers name liquor as their preferred drink. That is up from 19% a year ago, 30 percent prefer wine but beer is America's choice.

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