On-line shoppers who pick up items at store end up buying more when they get there

Jim Hanzo
July 31, 2018 - 8:51 am

A new report says that people who buy items on-line and then go to pick it up, end up spending more, by buying other items in addition to what they picked up at the store.   

More than half made unplanned purchases when they picked up their on-line orders in-store according to a study from OrderDynamics.  We asked people downtown if they would agree with the survey. 

"True, I agree," one woman laughed.  "You gotta buy the whole store." 

And gender doesn't play a part at all.

"Yes, always," this man who said he always picks up something more.  "I have to buy what I want and then I buy what my wife wants." 

"I shop on-line and I visit the stores, so I do both," another woman said.  "It's true, you go to the store and you visit all the promotional items and you get those."

"Sometimes, usually my eye catches something else that I forgot to put on my list," this downtown worker said. 
How much more? According to the report, they'll spend an additional 37 dollars on average on these unplanned purchases.

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