Like it or not, masks need to be mandatory, Jefferson officials say

Chris Miller
June 30, 2020 - 11:18 am

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Going out to eat or shop in Jefferson Parish? Put your mask on!

Alarmed by rising rates of COVID-19 diagnoses in the state, Jefferson Parish leaders want all businesses open to the public to require their customers wear masks or some form of nose-and-mouth covering. Parish president Cynthia Lee Sheng said the order will go into effect Wednesday, July 1.

Jefferson Parish councilmember Scott Walker says he doesn't like masks, finds them uncomfortable, but will supports the mandatory mask order because he believes it is the right thing to do to blunt the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

"I don't enjoy wearing a mask. I don't like it. I think it's uncomfortable. I don't think anyone likes wearing a mask," Walker said. But as a business owner, he said he knows his livelihood and the livelihood of his employees may depend on it.

"If you go into a business, and you spread COVID to one of those employees, that business has to close," said Walker. "My business is 50 percent of what it was pre-COVID, so closing now for a week or two isn't a very good option. There are some places that may close and not reopen."

And Walker seems tired of hearing the complaints about masks.

"Some are going to disagree, some are going to criticize, some are going to yell and scream and say, 'You can't force me to wear a mask, I will never wear a mask!' Well, in that case, you are being irresponsible, and you're not looking out for the greater good of this parish."

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