Light freeze expected for parts of the northshore tonight, near freezing south of lake

Jim Hanzo
January 20, 2020 - 4:26 pm
Cold weather



The New Orleans metro area is in for some chilly temperatures.  

We'll expericence a light freeze north of the lake tonight and near freezing temperatures south of the lake.  It's advised to take the proper freeze precautions.  

"Tonight will be clear and cold with Northshore lows in the upper 20s giving you a light freeze, so protect the plants, pets and people," said WWL-TV meteorologist Dave Nussbaum.  
Southshore lows will be in the mid 30s with a light freeze possible away from the city - protect plants, pets and people too.  Tuesday should stay sunny and cold with high temperatures struggling to get to 50 degrees.  

The area of high pressure will move east of us on Wednesday.  

"We will become cloudy as moisture returns to the area," said Nussbaum.  "It will not be much warmer with high temperatures in the mid 50s." 

Thursday will be cloudy and warmer with scattered showers throughout the day. Some downpours will be possible.  A little warmer with high temperatures will in the mid 60s.  The rain will end by Friday morning, but the clouds will stick around all day. It will be mild with highs in the mid 60s. 

For the weekend, we will turn colder and the sun returns on Saturday. High temperatures will be in the lower 60s. Sunday will have plenty of sun with morning temperatures in the 40s and high temperatures in the lower 60s.  Basically, this is where we should be for late-January. 


Here is the complete forecast from WWL-TV: 

Sunny, breezy and chilly. Highs around 51. Wind N 10-15 mph.

Clear, cold and breezy. Lows north around 28 with a light freeze, and south around 36. Protect plants, pets and people on both sides of the lake. Wind N 6-12 mph.

Sunny, breezy and cold. Highs around 49. Wind N 6-12 mph.

Cloudy and chilly. Lows north around 32 and south around 40. Highs around 55.

Cloudy, warm and more humid with a 60% chance for rain. Some downpours possible. Lows north around 43 and south around 50. Highs around 64.

Cloudy, breezy and cool. Lows north around 51 and south around 55. Highs around 64.

Mostly sunny, breezy and cool. Lows north around 42 and south around 46. Highs around 61.

Sunny and cool. Lows north around 40 and south around 46. Highs around 61.

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