LHSAA executive committee nixes settlement with Robison

Kristian Garic
September 28, 2018 - 2:50 pm

The LHSAA and Andrew Robison’s family were engaged in significant settlement talks over the past twenty four hours.  The talks were positive about a settlement out of court, according to multiple sources. The LHSSA executive director, Eddie Bonine, was on board with the agreement, then the Executive Committee stepped in and nixed a possible deal.  That deal would have allowed the senior QB to return to playing football immediately.  That deal is now off. 

Andrew Robison is eligible through a court order put in place last week, but Hahnville High School will not play him out of fear of further punishment from the LHSAA.

Statement from Hahnville High School 

"We have reached out to the LHSAA multiple times in an attempt to resolve this matter in the best interest of everyone involved, most importantly Andrew and the HHS football team. Unfortunately, the LHSAA executive committee rejected an agreement today that was proposed by all parties. Hahnville High School is moving forward with arbitration and a claim has been filed. At this point, we are waiting to hear back from a claim manager with the American Arbitration Association."​

So what happens next?  The LHSAA and Andrew Robison have to appear in court in Hahnville Monday afternoon, unless talks heat up again between the two sides.  That doesn’t seem likely at this point. The judge will decide at the hearing if the case needs to go to trial. 

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