Less than a month before federal income taxes are due

Jim Hanzo
March 18, 2019 - 9:03 am

It's creeping up on us fast.  Federal income taxes are due April 15th.  That is less than a month away.  CPAs around the city are starting to get slammed.      

Many wait until the last minute to do their taxes.  But CPA Tyler Johnson at Busenlener and Johnson in Metairie says try to get started as soon as you can.  

"For most people it's just checking the mail and making sure that you have all your tax documents that are coming through," Johnson said.  "W2s, 1099s, proof of health insurance.  Making sure you have all the right paperwork for when you go and sit down, you're not leaving with a giant to-do list of things you are missing."    

That's why you should get started as soon as possible.  

"Overall there have been bigger refunds this year than in the previous year that's been reported by the IRS," Johnson noted because of the 2018 Tax reform that was pushed through. 

Of course you could always file for an extension. 

"That gives you an extra six months to actually get your return filed," Johnson said.  "It is not a six month extension on payment, so even if you don't have everything you need it's important to get at least an estimate, so you get make the appropriate payment because if you don't pay enough even if you didn't have that information at the time, you can still be charged penalties and interest, depending on how bad the shortfall was."  

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