Fudging numbers? LDEQ says Denka numbers not accurate

Says they want emission measurements done their way

Thomas Perumean
October 10, 2019 - 9:12 am

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Louisiana's Department of Environmental Quality is questioning whether the chloroprene emission count Denka Chemical issued to the state are accurate.  

In question is the methodology Denka used to measure the release of Chloroprene and Denka's claims, after a $35-million of environment improvements, actually cut emissions by 85%.

Denka says the installation of a new regenerative thermal oxidizer actually got the company to the goal of cutting chloroprene emissions by more than 85%.  

LDEQ says the emission information Denka compiled used a different matrix, not approved, methodology than the one LDEQ uses.  LDEQ wants Denka to resubmit its findings using the approved method.  

A Times-Picayune/Advocate story says despite all the improvements Denka continues to be targeted by environmentalists for chloroprene emissions.  They say releases are putting people living near the plant at a higher risk of developing cancer.  

Denka has submitted altered results of revised counts.  The company made estimates and even said equipment was not tested properly back in 2014, potentially adding to its emission releases from five years ago.  The results stated the plant was dirtier when it was owned by DuPont and is even cleaner than a 2018 estimate showed.  

A Denka spokesperson said the company will submit 12 full months as part of its next report, in April 2020.

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