Lakefront growth spilling over into New Orleans East

Don Ames
June 05, 2017 - 7:30 am

Growth in New Orleans East around the Lakefront Airport and Harbor area continues.

The latest sign of revitalization in the area is a new craft brewery. Royal Brewery New Orleans recently opened its manufacturing facility and tap room in what has become a hot Lakefront Airport area.

It's the first craft brewery and beverage manufacturing facility to be located in New Orleans East.

Local real estate expert Wade Ragas says it's a sign of the area's health and potential.

"The brewery is consistent with what's happening in a lot of growth areas around the U.S. It's a large facility, at ten-thousand feet, so it means the owners are very optimistic."

He says there's a lot of opportunity in the area, with existing lakefront manufacturers like Folger's Coffee, Luzianne Tea and Bunny Bread.

Most promising is the Tipitina's upcoming Lakeshore Landing amphitheater complex. 

"The Tipitina's project offers multiple ways of attracting people and generating jobs," says Ragas. "And, it may produce some housing demand over time." 

"What we need is a lot of job creation east of the Industrial Canal. And, it's starting to happen now. And, the house prices are also beginning to rise."  
Ragas says it's good to see the growth is now spilling over beyond the Lakefront into Eastern New Orleans. Could it be the start of rebirth in New Orleans East?

"It's possible. What's most important, though, is they need to attract more jobs. There needs to be a concerted effort to replace the jobs they lost along the Industrial Canal and the Intercoastal Waterway system; in general, outside of the flood protection system.

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