LaFourche Councilman violates protective order against fellow Councilman

September 12, 2018 - 5:28 pm


A LaFourche Parish Council member was arrested after violating a protective order filed against him by another councilman for the second time in four months. 51-year-old James Bourgeois Sr. had been ordered to stay clear of Jerry LaFont after a fist fight broke out at a council meeting back in April. 

“It was an ongoing political battle between these two individuals that eventually came to an altercation at the end of that first council meeting at the end of April. That looks like it was the starting point for this,” said Lt. Brennan Matherne, with the LaFourche Parish Sheriff's office. 

Bourgeois was charged with simple battery for the hitting incident.

It’s made for an awkward situation for the two who have to run into each other twice a month council meetings. The restraining order bars Bourgeois from coming within 50 yards of LaFont, except for meetings where the two must enter through separate doors, which is how Bourgeois got his first violation. Matherene says the second violate came when.

“After Tuesday night’s council meeting he entered a local restaurant, saw LaFont eating there, and proceeded to remain there in clear violation of the protective order.”

And Matherne says Bourgeois, who was charged with Violation of a Protective Order, knew exactly what he was doing when he entered the restaurant, took a look at LaFont, and decided he was going to stick around.

“That’s just what he intention was, it was clear he had no intention of leaving the restaurant even knowing LaFont was there.”

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