Where's your seafood coming from?

State's new labelling law could be a boost to locally sourced seafood fishers

Thomas Perumean
August 12, 2019 - 8:17 am

Getty Images - Earl of Omaha

Starting September first restaurants must tell you where their shrimp and seafood comes from.  

Since Louisiana is known for its seafood eating locally sourced shrimp and crawfish could mean a boost in demand.  And that's good news for a seafood industry comprised of family businesses, which have been struggling since the BP Oil Spill and facing tough competition from imported seafood from foriegn countries.  

A Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate story says fisherman are going directly to restaurants to sell their catch rather than through wholesalers.  One advisor says this is the big break local fishers need.  As restaurants switch to local producers in a changing market where locally sourced food is seen as an advantage.  

Family businesses are being helped by the LSU Agcenter for marketing and retail assistance.  Thomas Hymel, director of Louisiana Direct Seafood says, “In the marketplace, it was all based on price, we have some of the world’s best seafood; now we’re learning how to put it in the marketplace better.”  

Buying locally also means the catch is not treated with antibiotics and banned substances used by some foreign seafood producers.  

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