LA companies are expanding to other parts of the country

Jim Hanzo
April 20, 2017 - 9:55 am

There is an appetite in other parts of the country to have a piece of Louisiana come to their hometown.  

Louisiana based companies like Popeye's, Zatarain's, Walk-On's, the McIlhenny Company, makers of Tabasco sauce, and Raising Cane's have all gone national.  

Now a local group bought Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar and Restaurant and they are planning on opening more of the Lucy's brand in other areas.  

Schaffer Mickal, senior sales associate with Latter & Blum says this says something about New Orleans. 

"New Orleans is a proven ground," Mickal said.  "I mean, New Orleans restaurants are everywhere you go.  I was recently in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and went to 2 restaurants that I thought were incredible, and they both came out of New Orleans after Katrina."      

There's already a Lucy's in Key West, Florida.

"That would make sense, that's a perfect location for them," Mickal said.   

He believes Louisiana companies and in particular those from New Orleans do well in other parts of the countries.  

"Look at New Orleans Original Daiquiris," Mickal said.  "They're in Jacksonville, Gulf Shores, and they have a concept that works and like Lucy's, they've gone through the Florida market."  

Walk-on's is another that began in New Orleans and is now moving to other cities.  

"Walk-On's has incorporated Drew Brees into their management scheme and that's a tremendous plus for them," Mickal added. 

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