Killer deemed irrestorably incompetent to stand trial

Mark Hambrick accused of killing toddler daughter in 2017

Thomas Perumean
January 15, 2020 - 7:58 am
Mark Hambrick



Experts: Accused killer Mark Hambrick's sanity is not coming back.  

The Bywater man has been declared "irrestorably incompetent" to assist with his defense against charges of first degree murder and second degree cruelty in the October 2017 of 18-month old daughter Amina.  

The declaration by doctors would send Hambrick back to the Eastern State Mental Institution in Jackson indefinately or until his sanity is restored.  

For the time being, according to the Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate, Judge Robin Pittman is waiting until she sees the written report before making a ruling.  

Hambrick reportedly suffered a psychotic break when he killed his daughter.  He told officers God had told him to take the child's life. 

Since then, Hambrick has asked to be put to death so he could be resurrected and his soul would merge with the kingdom of God.  

Hambrick has been administered three very high doses of a trio of drugs in hopes of bringing him out of his current state, but without success.  

Hambrick is said to be high functioning, with an understanding of the criminal justice system. 

But, he has maintained he is not willing to aid with his defense and would push for the death penalty in hopes of fulfilling his prophecy.  

Dr. Sanket Vyas stated what separates Hambrick from other patients is the delusions he is envisioning. 

Vyas says that is driving his will to be put to death.  


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