This NBA Team Has Emerged as a New and 'Dangerous Threat' to Sign Kevin Durant

May 22, 2019 - 12:17 pm

With the Warriors sitting back, waiting to find out who they'll face in the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant's manager Rich Kleiman has spoken out about the future plans of the league's most-talked about free-agent-to-be.

Asked at a Wall Street Journal event if Durant has already made his decision, Kleiman offered the following:

"That is 100 percent undecided. I'm waiting on Kevin. That's the truth."

Kleiman added that Durant is singularly focused on playing right now, which makes it impossible for him to look beyond the season.

"He really doesn't know. And I really don't know."

Kleiman also had some intriguing commentary regarding Durant's injury status for the Finals, hedging when asked if he thinks the forward will be back on the floor. Here's Kleiman in his own words:


Durant, who is widely expected to bolt from the Golden State Warriors this summer, has been repeatedly linked to the New York Knicks in reports for months. New York has the cap space needed to sign two max-level free agents. Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving is mentioned most as the other star who could join Durant at Madison Square Garden.

But The New York Times' Marc Stein reported in his email newsletter that the Los Angeles Clippers have emerged as a "dangerous threat" to sign Durant. But Stein noted that trusted insiders have said Durant is already planning to join the Knicks and but will also consider the Brooklyn Nets.

Kleiman, of course, could be holding back so he doesn't stir any controversy while the Warriors chase another title and doesn't get himself into trouble with the NBA.

But  Marcus Thompson II, who spent a lot of time with Durant while writing the new biography "KD: Kevin Durant's Relentless Pursuit to be the Greatest," told WFAN's "Benigno and Roberts" last week that he, too, doesn't think Durant knows what his future holds. Thompson didn't rule out a return to the Warriors, but said the Knicks are firmly in play.

"There are definitely plans in place for that (the Knicks) to be a major option," he said. "The Knicks might have to blow it in order for it to not happen. But in the end, I do think it will be hard to walk away from what he has."

The Warriors are in the NBA Finals for the fifth straight season, but Durant's status for the series is unclear after he missed the Western Conference final with a calf injury.


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