Kenyans claim top spots in the Crescent City Classic

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Don Ames
April 20, 2019 - 3:06 pm

Chris Bennett


Once again, Kenyan runners swept the Crescent City Classic Saturday, claiming the top spots in the 41st annual men's and women's open races.

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Jairus Birech held the best time at 27:52, a 4:29/mile pace. Celliphine Chespol was the fastest woman with a 31:40 finishing time, a 5:06/mile pace.

Top Males Finishers

Jairus Birech, Kenya, 27:52
Silas Kipruto, Kenya, 28:25
Dominic Korir, Kenya, 28:28
Edwin Mokua, Bahrain, 28:33
Garbriel Geay, Tanzania, 28:41
Sean Tobin, Eritrea, 29:06
Parker Stinson, United States, 29:10
Jarrett Leblanc, United States, 29:43 (top Louisiana finisher)
Evans Chematot, Bahrain, 30:07
Kevin Castille, United States, 30:52 (top male Masters finisher)

Top Females Finishers

Celliphine Chespol, Kenya, 31:40
Brillian Kipkeoch, Kenya, 31:41
Monicah Ngige, Kenya, 32:09
Vicoty Chepngeno, Kenya, 32:11
Iveen Chepkemoi, Kenya, 32:12
Ann Mwangi, Kenya, 33:01
Mary Wangui, Kenya, 33:40
Mary Munanu, Kenya, 34:33
Jen Rhines, United States, 35:34 (top female Masters finisher)
Tere Derbez Zacher, United States, 38:52

Check the results for all 15,000+ runners here.

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