Kennedy pushes social media data privacy bill

March 16, 2019 - 7:41 am

( - Senator John Kennedy is introducing legislation that seeks to give social media users legal control of content they post to social media. Currently all photos, private messages, posts, and other interactions are owned by network you post them too, which gives companies the right to sell it advertisers. Kennedy says it’s time to make that process more transparent.

“I have a right to know how they are using it, who they are giving it too, and to stop them from doing that any time I want, because it’s my data.”

The legislation would also allow users to opt out of a tech companies ability to sell your data and information to other businesses, which is the cornerstone of how companies like Google and Facebook make money.

Kennedy says people are growing increasingly distrustful of social media and other tech companies, due to how secretive they’ve been about their data collection efforts. The Senator says this would force the companies to note exactly what personal data is being sold, and to which companies.

“Facebook has got to enter into a user agreement with me, and explain to me how Facebook is going to use that data.”

The Senator says the bill would also significantly reduce the length and complexity of the dreaded “user agreements” that most people never read. He says they’d be legally required to write them in simple terms, with a 400 word limit.

“Right now Facebook doesn’t do that. The Facebook user agreement is about ten pages, single spaced.”

He’s co-sponsoring another piece of social media targeted legislation with Democratic presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobachar

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