Kennedy predicts national emergency will be declared

February 07, 2019 - 9:40 pm

( - Senator John Kennedy says to avoid another government shutdown, he thinks President Trump will declare a national emergency if negotiations fail to provide adequate funding for additional physical wall at the southern border by the February 15th funding deadline. Kennedy says he doesn’t view it as a severe option, but it may not be a popular in Congress.

“Some of my Senate colleagues, including Republicans, think that would be the wrong approach. That certainly is not my preferred approach.”

Presidential allies have stated declaring a national emergency would allow the president to use disaster relief and military construction funds to begin constructing a wall.

If the President does declare a national emergency, it would likely be immediately challenged in Congress, but would likely require two thirds of both chambers to support ending the emergency due to president veto power. Kennedy says after that, it would likely be taken up in the high court.

“It will probably be litigated, which will delay the building of the wall, but that is kind of where I see us heading.”

Analysts predict such a move would tie up wall construction well into 2020.

Kennedy says such a move would only be necessary if Democrats refuse to back down on their opposition to border wall construction, and negotiations hinge on one thing…

“Until Speaker Pelosi is willing to concede that it is impossible to seal or secure 1900 miles of border without using a wall.”

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