Kennedy: House-passed stimulus bill "dead on arrival"

Chris Miller
May 26, 2020 - 5:41 pm

Alexander Miridonov-Kommersant-Sipa USA

Louisiana's junior U.S. Senator says the house-approved second-round of stimulus for the coronavirus pandemic-induced repression is not going to pass the upper chamber.

"I think the consensus in the Senate is we’ll start over," Se. John Kennedy said to WWL-TV. "The only thing I’m certain of at this juncture is that Speaker Pelosi’s bill won’t pass."

Kennedy said the bill from the House includes measures that have little to do with the pandemic.

"It deals with immigration," said Kennedy. "It deals with federalizing our elections. It deals with marijuana. It would release federal prisoners."

Kennedy said he wants a bill that focuses on workers and businesses.

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