Juvenile Court policy change targets repeat offenders

D.A. Cannizzaro applauds the move

WWL Newsroom
January 15, 2020 - 10:13 am

Wave Break media


Kenny Kuhn reporting...

A change in policy at Juvenile Court aims at keeping repeat juvenile offenders off the streets. 

In an interview with WWL TV today, D.A. Leon Cannizzaro said he applauds the policy change which comes after two juveniles allegedly burglarized cars in Lakeview and attempted to run over a New Orleans police officer with a stolen car.  It sparked a manhunt and put schools in the area on lockdown.

"This is something the judges did in response to that where they are essentially saying they are going to hold those youthful offenders who are picked up for these auto burglaries if they have an open case in the juvenile court." Cannizzaro said. "Youthful offenders are being released without necessarily imposing any conditions on them things like going to school, getting counseling, job training, things of that sort and I certainly think it puts a bad taste in the mouth of the community."

Before the policy change Cannizzaro says Juvenile Court judges had not been "involved actively" in the bond setting of juvenile cases and repeat offenders were simply evaluated then released to a parent.

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