With just hours to go, millions of returns still not filed

April 15, 2019 - 11:00 am

Are you one of the 50 million people the IRS says still needs to file an income tax return? Tax preparers today are busier than elves on Christmas Eve.

Local CPA Jay Rabalais is so busy, he's only been accepting calls from people who need to file a request for an extension. 

"Yeah, at this time of year, all CPAs and tax preparers are under enormous stress. We're trying as hard as we can at this point to get extensions filed."

The deadline is midnight, but many post offices no longer stay open that late, because now so many people file their returns electronically. They also request extensions. Those requests, as always, come with the reminder that even if you get an extension to file, you still owe money now.

"If you owe the government, that meter starts running as of April 15th," said Rabalais. "So they want you to at least pay an estimate, a good-faith estimate of what you think you would owe."

The IRS expects they'll grant about 14.6 million requests for extension this year.

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