July 4th travelers getting ready to hit the road in record numbers, some as early as today

Almost 50 million will be traveling in some form or another

Jim Hanzo
July 01, 2019 - 10:49 am



It looks like we will be traveling this week in preparation for the 4th of July holiday in record numbers.  It's getaway time for lots of families as AAA's Don Redman says there are expecting almost 50 million will be traveling in some form or another.  

And most will be hitting the road in their car.

"It's the most convenient, most affordable way to travel is by your vehicle and it's not a big surprise that most people travel by vehicle, but when you really look at those numbers, and those that are going to be traveling that way, over 41 million people will be on the highways for this period," Redman said.   
Many have taken the whole week off and will leave today but the busiest day to travel lies ahead...

Regionally speaking, Redman explains.

"When we look at regional travel, we are looking at  Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, you're talking about almost 4 million people will be on the roadway." Redman said.  

Redman says Orlando is still a big destination for travel and he says many head to the mountains where they are able to cool off.  

The biggest travel day is this Wednesday although many taking the whole week off and leaving today.  Some will take next week off, too, staying a few extra days

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