Jesuits release list of 'credible accusation of sexual abuse'

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Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
December 07, 2018 - 9:54 am

The Jesuits U.S. Central and Southern Province announced today that there are credible accusations that 42 members of the Society of Jesus molested children.

A news release says, "No Jesuit with a credible accusation currently serves in public ministry."

It notes, however, that four men are still members of this province. 

“The storm that the Church experiences today calls forth from us an unprecedented and yet needed response,” Provincial Ronald Mercier said in a statement today. “Silence in the face of the events of recent months cannot be an option.”

Jesuits whose allegations relate to their time at Jesuit High School in New Orleans include:

  • Cornelius Carr                 (1976-1980; priest; religion teacher, chairman of religion affairs, associate chaplain; member of the New York province)
  • Edward DeRussy              (1969-1978; priest; English and Latin teacher)
  • Donald Dickerson             (1973-1975; scholastic; English and theology teacher)
  • Francis Landwermeyer    (1961-1962; scholastic; English and Latin teacher)
  • Claude Ory                       (1973-1980; religious brother; maintenance staff)
  • J. Donald Pearce              (1960-1968; priest; Spanish teacher, prefect of discipline, president)

"Other names of Jesuits listed in the report have an employment history at Jesuit High School, but the province informs us that their allegations stem from other assignments," a news release says.

Here is the list:

  • Michael O. Barry, SJ
  • Charles Bartles, SJ
  • Jody Blanchard, SJ 
  • Claude P. Boudreaux, SJ
  • John Campbell, SJ
  • Cornelius J. Carr, SJ (New York Province which is now part of USA Northeast Province)
  • Mark A. Clark, SJ
  • Francis X. Cleary SJ
  • James A. Condon, SJ (Chicago Province which is now part of USA Midwest Province)
  • Charles G. Coyle, SJ
  • Edward D. DeRussy, SJ
  • Donald Dickerson, SJ
  • Burton J. Fraser, SJ (Wisconsin Province which is now part of USA Midwest Province)
  • Chester E. Gaiter, SJ
  • Thomas J. Hatrel, SJ
  • Thomas J. Hidding, SJ
  • John W. Hough, SJ
  • Francis J. Kegel, SJ
  • Dennis P. Kirchoff, SJ
  • Bernard P. Knoth, SJ (Chicago Province which is now part of USA Midwest Province)
  • Philip D. Kraus, SJ
  • Francis M. Landwermeyer, SJ
  • Gerhardt B. Lehmkuhl, SJ
  • Alfonso Madrid, SJ (Province of Mexico)
  • Eugene A. Maio, SJ
  • Vincent R. Malatesta, SJ    
  • James L. McShane, SJ
  • Edward P. Murphy, SJ
  • Thomas J. Naughton, SJ (Priest of the New Orleans Province, NOT Brother Thomas Naughton of the Missouri Province)
  • Patrick H. O’Liddy, SJ
  • Vincent A. Orlando, SJ
  • Claude L. Ory, SJ (Brother, formerly in New Orleans Province, now Maryland Province)
  • Austin N. Park SJ
  • J. Donald Pearce, SJ
  • George M. Pieper, SJ
  • Paul C. Pilgram, SJ
  • Elmo J. Rogero, SJ
  • Norman J. Rogge, SJ
  • Anthony J. Short, SJ
  • Arthur O. Verdieck, SJ
  • Richard H. Witzofsky, SJ (Brother)
  • Benjamin Wren, SJ
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