It's not your imagination: Rain comes down harder lately in New Orleans

David Blake
August 13, 2019 - 12:58 pm

We all know the drill: a big shower dumps inches of rain on New Orleans in a short period of time, and then often comes street flooding.

An LSU study of rain events over the last six decades shows showers have gotten more intense and drop more rain in a shorter period of time, causing increased risk of flash flood events.

LSU Assistant Professor of Research Dr. Vincent Brown told WWL First News, "some of the events are becoming significantly more intense, meaning an upward trend."

Brown says the research is pretty clear about why this is: Gulf of Mexico sea surface temperatures have been rising over the decades.

"There is a very strong correlation between sea surface temperatures and total cause water vapor, the amount of water in the air," Brown explained.

Brown says the higher the humidity, the more water available in the air for storm systems to utilize, thus increasing the chance of intense downpours.

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