New interactive map shows age of New Orleans water-pipes

As expected, most are more than a century old

Thomas Perumean
May 15, 2019 - 8:33 am

NO Sewerage & Water Board


The life expectancy of water main is between 75 and 100 years.  Some in New Orleans are pushing 114 years of age.  They're the ones causing a lot of the problems.  

Following the recent failure of one of these old water lines, the Sewerage and Water Board is releasing an interactive map of the water network showing the age of the piping.  

On the page the oldest water lines are in red, and there is a lot of red.  The interactive map shows 525 miles--fully one-third--of water mains were installed in the first 20-years of the 20th Century.  

The page gives an idea of the challenge faced by the S&WB when dealing with water main failures and need for replacement.  

Improving the reliability of the water distribution system will be a major component of the Master Plan process that Executive Director Ghassan Korban plans to launch this year.

Paying for the repairs and replacements is an astronomical figure and may bring the implementation of a storm water collection fee--something the publishing of the interactive map will serve to illustrate the need for.  

Click Here to See The Map

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