Implosion of Hard Rock back on table

Chris Miller
January 17, 2020 - 4:40 pm
Bringing down the house

Thomas Perumean


City leaders today announced that the wrecked Hard Rock Hotel construction site will be imploded after all.

That could bring the 18-story partially collapsed, partially built building down as soon as March.

What led to the change from the plan to bring it down piece-by-piece? Mayor LaToya Cantrell says that would put way too many people inside a structure she said just isn't safe.

"Close to a hundred individuals would need to do that work inside the building that is unstable, putting more people at risk," she said. "I just cannot live with that and will not support that."

The upper floors of the construction site collapsed in October, killing three workers. The bodies of two of them were not recovered, and their remains are still somewhere in the wreckage.

The cause of the October 12 collapse still has not been determined. Video taken by some of the workers before the collapse showed sagging upper floors. 

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