Impeachment arguments unlikely to sway Louisiana's U.S. Senators

Chris Miller
January 21, 2020 - 11:20 am

As the Senate impeachment trial gets underway, Louisiana's two U.S. senators are likely to remain among President Trump's allies.

Both senators Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy have been dismissive of House Democrats' driver to impeach the president, and political analyst Ron Faucheux doesn't expect that to change.

"Both Kennedy and Cassidy will be supportive of President Trump's position," said Faucheux. "That doesn't mean that they will vote with him on everything that comes up."

Faucheux says they will likely work toward a quick resolution that ends with the president's acquittal. He says "impartiality" doesn't have the same meaning in this process as it does for a criminal jury:

"Most of the Democrats said they will vote for conviction, and most of the Republicans have said they won't vote for conviction."

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