Hurricane Center: 20% chance of development in the Gulf

Nussbaum: It bares watching, but may never develop

The National Hurricane Center says there is a chance we could see some tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico this week.

The chance, however, is low.

"A non-tropical low pressure area could form over the northern Gulf of Mexico by late Wednesday or Thursday.  Thereafter, conditions could become marginally conducive for some subtropical or tropical development as it moves slowly northeastward through the end of the week," the Hurricane Center said in an advisory.

The chance for development in the next 48 hours is listed at zero percent.  Formation chance through five days is just 20 percent.

"Anytime we get a front in the Gulf, there is a chance a low may try to form from the front," WWL TV Meteorologist Dave Nussbaum explained. 

He says the front that will bring us less humid, cooler air for Wednesday and Thursday bares watching for that low chance of development.

"If a low forms, it will slowly move to the east and northeast along the front."

Nussbaum says that would push it more toward Alabama, not Louisiana.

"Possible clipping, maybe, the mouth of the Mississippi River and then kinda working it's way toward Mobile and the Florida Panhandle."

He says it has not formed, and may well never form... but bares watching.

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