How much alcohol is .495, the amount Max Gruver had in his system?

Jim Hanzo
October 12, 2017 - 8:51 am

According to the coroner, the 18 year old LSU freshman fraternity pledge who died last month had a blood alcohol level of .495 in his system.

That's more than 6 times over the legal limit.  

Dr. Tiffany Wills, Assistant  Professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, at LSU Health Science Center, said this would be a lot of alcohol for someone to consume in a short period of time.    

"Typically what we refer to as a shot is 1.5 ounces of alcohol, so it depends on the body weight and how long he was consuming the alcohol, but it seems like it would have been around 20 shots of alcohol in a 2 hour period," Dr Wills said.  "It looked like 30 ounces." 

And at one point would you begin to lose your motor skills and functions?  

"Severe impairment, which this would be speech, memory coordination, attention, reaction time, as well as balance would occur between the ranges of .16 and .3," said Wills.  "This was a lot of alcohol." 

Dr. Wills says if you notice a friend passed out from too much alcohol, you should immediately call 911.  

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