How does the public know who to believe between Kavanaugh and Ford?

Jim Hanzo
September 27, 2018 - 8:27 am



Brett Kavanaugh is set to testify at a high-profile hearing today.  In addition his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford will also testify.  

Allegations of decades old sexual misconduct surfaced just as Kavanaugh was set to be confirmed.  

We asked people downtwn, how does the public know who to believe in this case, Judge Kavanaugh or his accuser.

"You don't know who to believe, it's a 'he said-she said,'" said one downtown worker.  "I think you have to base it on his past history as an adult and not as a youth."     

But this woman had a different view on it.  

"There is no way that any sane woman would ruin her entire situation in life by coming forward at this point, because he's going to be a Supreme Court Justice and be lying," she noted.  "Everything in this woman's life is going to be picked through, her family's lives are going to be disturbed and destroyed.  She won't be able to go to the grocery store ever again.  She'll be a part of American history and we'll never forget it."

"I really don't thing you're ever going to know," said another man.  "This is high school stuff that I just can't even believe some of the accusations, especially the third accuser."     

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