How big is this weekend for Saints and Tiger fans?

Most football fans think LSU and the Saints will win in very close games

Jim Hanzo
November 08, 2019 - 8:43 am



Will the Saints beat their rival the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday in the Superdome and how about LSU and Alabama?  

This is the weekend Saints and Tiger fans have been waiting for.  We got reaction from some folks downtown. When it comes to LSU-Alabama, this man said..
"Listen, this is going to be a great game, a high scoring ballgame, lots of points" he said.  "I don't know how effective (Alabama QB) Tua will be after that injury but I think he'll be effective enough to score a lot of points.  The last team to have the ball could win the game." 

"Most definitely LSU can beat Alabama, it's the best team we have out there, so LSU on top, 21-10," another fan said.    

But another fan said Alabama will win.  

"I have to go with Nick Saban and his experience as a coach over LSU," this football fan said.  "There is too much hype for LSU and I think Bama will squeeze out a victory over them." 

When it comes to the Saints, football fans weigh in.

"I think the 'Fal-Can'ts' are the bottom of the barrel this year," one Who Dat told us.  "They will be looking to have the number one draft pick, that's the kind of season they're having." 

One Falcon fan who just arrived said the Falcons will be victorious.
"Julio Jones loves going against the crowd in the Superdome, so Falcons all the way," he said.  

"This week will be tough playing the Falcons," said this fan.  "It won't be easy but the Saints will win."

Catch the LSU-Alabama game at 2:30 tomorrow on WWL.  Saints and Falcons kick off Sunday at 12 noon. 

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