HOV lane for stretch of I-12 needs the Governor's approval

May 24, 2019 - 1:58 pm

Could the I-12 be seeing an HOV lane.  There is a proposal to add an HOV lane to a heavily trafficked stretch of I-12 between Walker and the I-10/12 split.  It's heading to the Governor's desk. 

Livingston Senator Dale Erdey believes this should shave some time off the commute of everyone driving in and out of Baton Rouge from the east.

“If you carpool and you put two people driving in each vehicle, and you put them in one, then it basically increases the capacity on the existing three lanes that we have right now,” Erdey said.

Before any work can begin a study must be completed, and the project OK’d by the feds, but Erdey says he’s been told the Louisiana Department of Transportation expects to begin work sometime in the fall.

HOV lanes are not exactly common in Louisiana, but are all over major cities like Houston, and states like California. Erdey says DOTD will begin an educational effort to get Bayou State motorists up to speed on the lanes that are only legal to drive in if you have more than one person in the vehicle.

“It’s going to be a learning curve, just like the roundabouts are here in Louisiana, as you see more and more of those developed, but once people get accustomed to it they will figure it out and say, hey, this is a much better route.”

Heat sensing cameras will be installed to make sure drivers aren’t skirting the law by putting a dummy in the passenger seat.  The already unusually large shoulder lanes will be used to facilitate the creation of a new lane and signage will be put up along the 15-mile stretch.   

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