The hot weather brings out the snowballs

People patiently wait in line at Hansen's for their favorite flavor

Jim Hanzo
June 24, 2019 - 11:07 am

If you are looking to cool down these days maybe an ice cold snowball will help.  We talked to folks at Hansen's Sno-Bliz who stood in line for a delicious snowball.  

How long have you been standing in line for snowballs?  
"There are no shortcuts for good quality (snowballs)," said one woman. 

"I would wait all day, this is worth the wait," said another woman.  

"This is my first time here but I heard great things about this snowball place," said this woman.  "I heard that the cream of blueberry is one of the best."

"I brought my friend here because me and my dad come here at least once a week," said this woman.  "The ice is the softest because it is a sno-bliz."  

Favorite flavors?  
"Kumquat," said one woman.

"Cream of rootbeer," this man said.  

"Anything with coconut in it," another said.  

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