Historic fire truck used in NY after 9/11 and NOLA Katrina to sit in new museum

Fire Marshal seeks donations for museum to house fire truck

WWL Newsroom
September 11, 2019 - 10:23 am

State Fire Marshall's Office


State Fire Marshal Butch Browning is commemorating the anniversary of 9/11 by seeking donations to construct a museum to house the “Spirit of Louisiana” fire truck that was built by donations and sent to New York following the attacks.

“We set out to raise money shortly after the attacks in September to build this fire truck," Browning said.  "I think our goal was about $250,000.  The reality is, we raised about $1.1 million.” 

The hope, according to Browning is that the same spirit of giving will occur when it comes to having the project funded.  The truck has a history of not only serving the people of New York but the people of New Orleans, too.  

“The ‘Spirit’ actually worked for many years in New Orleans while they rebuilt their fleet of trucks that were damaged in Hurricane Katrina," Browning noted.  "We did send it back for a stint in Long Island, New York, following Superstorm Sandy.” 

A GoFundMe campaign has been created so anyone can make a donation in the amount they are willing to give.  Construction of the building should begin around the holidays.

“We’ve already conducted our groundbreaking," Browning said.  "Our goal is $400,000 and we believe we can reach that goal within the next two and a half to three months.  The building is already designed.” 

The truck was built in Holden at Ferrara Fire Apparatus.  The museum will sit ajacent to a 9/11 memorial at the Fire Marshal’s office in Baton Rouge.

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