High voter turnout for the mid-terms, and what's prompting it

David Blake
November 05, 2018 - 1:36 pm

Louisiana's early voter turnout was much higher than anyone thought. One Election Day, the turnout could be surprisingly high. 

What's the draw in Louisiana? It may just be all the national attention being given to the mid-terms. 

Political analyst Clancy DuBos says we just don't have races here that make for a thrilling ballot or a big draw, but there is still keen interest in this election without a tight congressional race.

''I think Louisiana people feel it's important to go vote, so they are turning out," said DuBos.

President Trump continues to campaign non-stop, along with top Democrats, including former President Barrack Obama. Could such headline-name involvement be it?

"I think so, I think there's a lot of attention to the election both locally and nationally,'' DuBos said.

Despite a statewide special election for Louisiana Secretary of State, it's the Amendment Two ballot proposition that appears to be getting most of the attention. If approved, Louisiana would join most of the nation requiring unanimous juries to convict in felony cases, not the current 10 out of 12.

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